Lawyer Timekeeping & Activity Capture

Legal time capture is a critical process in law firms and other legal service providers, involving the accurate recording and reporting of billable hours spent on client-related activities.

Industry Challenges

With manual timekeeping, law firms frequently face significant revenue losses due to time leakage. This can be due to various reasons such as forgetting to log time spent on tasks or failing to record short, billable interactions. Delayed submissions can result in missed billing cycles, which not only impacts cash flow but also complicates financial forecasting and planning.

Additionally, non-compliant time entries are another major challenge, as they fail to meet client-specific Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCGs). Non-compliance can lead to billing disputes, write-downs, and write-offs, thereby further hindering the firm's revenue.

Effective time capture is essential for maximizing revenue, ensuring compliance with client billing guidelines, and maintaining operational efficiency.

The Solution

Hercules’ Apollo revolutionizes the way legal professionals manage their timekeeping by automating the traditionally cumbersome and manual process. This AI-powered solution offers several advanced features, including automatic time capture, OCG-compliant narratives, and predictive client and matter assignment, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

By streamlining the entire timekeeping process, Apollo not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves the accuracy and compliance of time entries. Legal professionals can rely on Apollo to manage their timekeeping effortlessly, ultimately increasing productivity and client satisfaction.

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