Allen & Overy, a leading global law firm, faced a significant challenge in accurately billing time across different jurisdictions. This issue, common in global law firms, often results in work not being billed, leading to substantial revenue loss. Estimates suggest that a typical global law firm could lose millions of dollars due to this problem. 


The primary challenge for Allen & Overy was the lack of proper time billing for multi-jurisdictional teams. Due to ethical walls, crucial case data like client and matter numbers were often not shared across jurisdictions. Consequently, emails exchanged were not filed to the Document Management System (DMS), and manually added client/matter tags in email subject lines were frequently dropped. This resulted in the inability of teams from different jurisdictions to bill accurately for their work, leading to significant revenue loss. 

Hercules AI's Filing Compliance Solution

Hercules AI developed an AI-powered application for automated classification and filing of emails and documents.


  2. 1. Automatically identifies and shares essential information required for accurate billing in multi-jurisdictional cases. 

  1. 2. Includes client and matter numbers, author data, and document types for each email.  

  1. 3. Enables attorneys in multi-jurisdictional teams to bill properly for their work, capturing significant additional revenue. 

Implementation and Results

Allen & Overy deployed Hercules AI's solution at scale. Andrew Brammer, Global CIO & SSC Director at Allen & Overy, highlighted the impact of Hercules AI’s filing automation generative AI application. He noted that it allowed attorneys to easily file emails into their document management system, ensuring proper billing of time and capturing millions of dollars in additional revenue. 


The implementation of Hercules AI at Allen & Overy marked a critical advancement in addressing the billing challenges faced by global law firms. By automating the classification and filing of emails and documents, Hercules AI significantly improved the accuracy of cross-jurisdiction billing, leading to the recovery of lost revenue and enhancing overall operational efficiency.  

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