Efficient & Scalable Data Extraction 

Artemis automates the process of reading and analyzing documents in bulk by swiftly pulling out key information. This technology streamlines data integration into business workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. It frees up capacity so workers can focus on more strategic tasks, boosting overall productivity.


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Discover how a leading U.S. bank overcame the challenges of manual derivative trading processes with Hercules AI. This case study showcases significant cost savings, 96% accuracy in data extraction, and a 97% reduction in operational time. Witness the power of AI in revolutionizing finance.

Cover Multiple Use Cases with Minimal Set Up Time

Minimal Examples Requirement

We automate operations to increase output speed with our innovative technology without compromising quality.


Extensive Data Ontologies

Utilizes Hercules’ ontology library for effective document classification.



Combines human expertise with AI for a co-pilot experience, leading to rapid improvements in model accuracy.

Key Features

What sets Artemis apart is its capability to handle documents of considerable length, spanning hundreds of pages, without compromising on accuracy or speed. This solution is beneficial for organizations that deal with substantial volumes of data on a regularly.

Enhanced Security for Sensitive Data 

With an increasing emphasis on data security, Artemis assures that sensitive information remains within the security perimeter, making it an ideal choice for organizations that prioritize data privacy and compliance.  

Customization Without Complicated Retraining  

Artemis allows users to add their own extraction entities and projects without the need for retraining the models. This feature provides unmatched flexibility and adaptability, catering to a wide range of industry-specific needs.  

The Process

Our AI processes documents with high confidence, extracts information, and applies business logic. It understands the business context, identifies the purpose extracted data and matches to relevant fields.



Unstructured source documents and template are uploaded into the program



AI scans the document, identifying and extracting relevant data points, utilizing zero shot learning and natural language prompts



A human-in-the-loop specialist confirms or corrects extracted data if necessary which is essential for the LLM’s reinforcement learning



Structured data is ready for exporting and integration down stream

Our Technology

Our platform is built specifically for enterprises that face challenges in entity extraction and reasoning. Hercules utilizes over 200 modules, components, and AI models to address complex, multi-step business workflows.

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Derivative Trading

Efficiently extracts and normalizes Term sheets for various derivative instruments from a multitude of clients. This scalable approach allows for lower operations and custom client onboarding costs.

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