AI-Powered timekeeping and activity capture

In the fast-paced world of professional services, efficiency and accuracy in time management are paramount. Activity & Time Capture, powered by the latest in Generative AI technology, is a solution designed to  enhance revenue recovery by automating timekeeping. 

Cover numerous use cases with minimal setup time

  • Advanced ROI An additional 200+ billable hours annually per timekeeper.

  • Accelerated Time Entry Greater than 50% boost in time entry velocity, streamlining timekeeping process.

  • Customizable Experience Over 20 configurable settings allow for a tailored timekeeping solution that meets each individual's needs.

  • Seamless Integration Effortlessly integrates with existing time systems, ensuring a smooth transition and operation.

Case study

Discover how Activity & Time Capture is transforming legal timekeeping for Snell & Wilmer

Dive into our case study to see how AI-driven solution is unlocking over 200 additional billable hours annually per timekeeper, enhancing accuracy, and skyrocketing efficiency at a law firm Snell & Wilmer.

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AI-driven time management for legal, consulting, and accounting sectors


Uncover more than 200 extra billable hours each year for every timekeeper with our cutting-edge Generative AI Solution. It operates securely within the client's own security perimeter, ensuring sensitive data remains protected and never leaves the premises.

Customization and integration without complicated deployment


The AI Solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems, offering over 20 customizable settings to meet specific client needs. Its adaptability ensures a smooth transition, enhancing current workflows without disruption, and tailoring to the unique requirements of each client

Key Features

Immediate impact


Witness over a 50% increase in time entry velocity within the first month of implementation.

Accurate, real-time reporting


Capture billable time more effectively with AI's precision and real-time capabilities.

From days to same-day entries

Shift from a 50-day entry cycle to same-day entries, thanks to automated capture and time entry assistance.

AI-generated billing narratives

Simplify the entry process with AI-crafted narratives, reducing the time spent on manual entries.

Intelligent association

Smartly link time with clients and matters, boosting overall efficiency.

Hercules: make the impossible possible

Hercules' architecture enables the fast creation of AI applications, utilizing over 200 modules, components, and AI models. This “assembly line” approach allows for the design, construction, and operation of AI solutions securely within the client's security perimeter, effectively addressing the most complex, multi-step business workflows.

Use Cases

Hercules is a platform designed to assist enterprises in discovering, building, and running AI solutions that fix the most complex business workflows.

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