Legal Billing Compliance

Detect potential deductions with AI-powered billing compliance and address them proactively at different times in the billing process. Increase realization rates and reduce time spent on pre-bill review.

Industry Challenges

Law firms face revenue loss due to diminishing realization rates and lengthy WIP-to-cash cycles. Partners are burdened by hours of administrative drag to review pre-bills and appeal deductions, yet they still struggle to maintain compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCGs), resulting in suboptimal billing practices and strained client relationships.

The Solution

Verify leverages AI to ensure OCG compliance and significantly reduce the time needed to review pre-bills. Our LLMs handle the lengthy task of reviewing all OCG billing rules, internal firm guidelines, and historical payment data to streamline the billing process. This thorough yet efficient process ensures that every line item on the invoices meets the necessary criteria for client approval. Verify allows legal professionals to focus on more strategic tasks and optimize for timely client invoices.

Additionally, Verify enhances transparency and consistency across the billing lifecycle. By continuously learning from historical billing data and payment patterns, the AI-models can predict potential discrepancies and flag them for review before invoices are sent to clients. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of billing disputes and ensures that invoices align with client expectations, fostering stronger client relationships and enhancing trust in your firm’s billing practices. More compliance invoices with up to 50% less deductions are paid faster, shortening WIP-to-cash cycle significantly. The system's intuitive interface speeds up the review process of pre-bills by at least two times, reducing the administrative work of billing attorneys.

Verify is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing billing systems and workflows. Its flexible design allows for easy customization to meet the unique needs of your firm, ensuring that the transition to an AI-powered billing process is smooth and efficient.

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