Rosetta Stone of Structured Data

Hercules’ Rosetta Stone is addressing one of the most challenging aspects of data management of having to manually transform and normalize raw, unstructured data. This AI-powered Solution is adept at converting large volumes of data into a required structure, a process that traditionally consumes significant time and resources.

AI-driven Automation and Reasoning 

Built with the powerful Hercules AI platform, Rosetta Stone can automatically analyze any input structured data and map it to the desired output structure. It performs complex reasoning with business logic and normalizes information, eliminating the need for manual data conversion.

Key Features

Rosetta Stone Streamlines Complex Workflows

Our AI model uses historical data, industry regulation and compliance rules, and human-in-the-loop intervention to convert files with high confidence. This solution facilitates interoperability between disparate files on a large scale.

Our Technology

Our platform is built specifically for enterprises that face challenges in entity extraction and reasoning. Hercules utilizes over 200 modules, components, and AI models to address complex, multi-step business workflows.

Explore Rosetta Stone Use Cases

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Bordereaux Management

Automatically convert any Bordereaux file into a standardized template, ensuring consistent and accurate output every time.


Eligibility & Enrollment

Automate the transformation of large volumes of eligibility and enrollment files into a standard format, ensuring reduced errors and compliance.

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