About Us

Our mission is to make impossible solutions possible by giving back time to knowledge workers and improve productivity.

The name "Hercules AI" is a deliberate choice, symbolizing the strength, resilience, and capabilities we bring to the AI industry.

In mythology, Hercules was known for his extraordinary power and ability to overcome immense challenges, reflecting our commitment to making advanced AI scalable and accessible to every enterprise. Hercules AI serves as a guardian of data security, ensuring the integration of AI into business processes does not compromise data integrity and confidentiality.

This reflects our commitment to delivering effective, secure AI solutions, empowering businesses to harness the power of AI with confidence, security, and reliability.

Our Story


Early Steps: Turning Ideas into AI Solutions


Years ago, we started with the idea of an AI model that could summarize long-form texts into concise, easily consumable snippets, saving people countless hours and boosting productivity. This led to the development of our first AI solutions.


Legal Industry: Our First Step into AI Applications


After years of research, we applied our expertise in the first beachhead market – the legal industry. We focused on the business of law, assisting the world's largest law firms with back-office automation. Our solutions have saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars by implementing AI within their security perimeters.  


Building Hercules: A Platform for Easier AI Development


While building our first, second, and third AI products, we realized that the process of applying AI to enterprise needs was slow and cumbersome. Thus, we began building a platform that would allow the assembly of AI applications in days and weeks, not months and years. This was the genesis of Hercules.


Expanding Horizons: Bringing AI to More Industries

With Hercules, we expanded into new markets where AI could be beneficial but was previously limited due to the sensitive nature of data, such as insurance, financial services, and others. At Hercules, we're pioneering a unique approach to AI application development.