Hercules: Generative AI solutions for the enterprise

Hercules builds high-quality, enterprise-grade AI solutions based on data extraction, transformation, and verification, while integrating with enterprise systems and tools for maintenance and monitoring

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Hercules AI: Power, precision, security

The Hercules platform democratizes the way enterprises discover, build, and run AI applications to address complex workflows, all from within their security perimeters.

Hercules and Intel:
AI Solutions for Regulated Industries

See how Hercules collaborates with Intel Corporation to deliver robust generative AI solutions in regulated industries, leveraging Intel’s advanced CPUs to run AI Applications for heightened security and impressive ROI.

Hercules: make the impossible possible

Hercules' architecture enables the fast creation of AI applications, utilizing over 200 modules, components, and AI models. This “assembly line” approach allows for the design, construction, and operation of AI solutions securely within the client's security perimeter, effectively addressing the most complex, multi-step business workflows.

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