Building Reliable AI: Neuro-Symbolic Framework of Extraction, Transformation and Verification

Multi-Agent AI Systems

Neuro-symbolic framework is a foundation for reasoning of AI agents. It extracts, transforms and verifies contextual information from various data sources across enterprises, then passes the data to a symbolic multi-layer decision-making engine. 

01. Extraction

AI agents, like humans, need proper onboarding to ensure accurate decision-making. This context comes from extracting information from unstructured data.

02. Transformation

Extracted contextual information from documents, historical data, and databases must be transformed into a uniform format for AI agents to use as the definitive source of truth.

03. Verification

In enterprise settings, complex workflows involve extensive contextual information. Verification ensures AI agents adhere to all relevant rules and guidelines.

Generative AI Solutions for the Enterprise

Hercules builds high-quality, enterprise-grade AI solutions based on data extraction, transformation, and verification, while integrating with enterprise systems and tools for maintenance and monitoring.


Power, Precision, Security

The Hercules platform democratizes the way enterprises discover, build, and run AI applications to address complex workflows, all from within their security perimeters.

   Superior AI Output Quality

Hercules’ AI technology produces accurate and reliable results, ensuring there are no hallucinations.

  Enhanced Data Security

AI Applications are deployed within the secure perimeter of the client's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or on-premises.

  Cost-effective Ownership

Cost efficiency is achieved by smartly blending both Small and Large Language Models to ensure optimal computational resource usage.

Our Technology

Our platform is built specifically for enterprises that face challenges in entity extraction and reasoning. Hercules utilizes over 200 modules, components, and AI models to address complex, multi-step business workflows.

Hercules & Intel:
AI Solutions for Regulated Industries

See how Hercules, a Zero Systems Company, collaborates with Intel Corporation to deliver AI solutions, leveraging Intel’s advanced CPUs to run AI Applications for heightened security and impressive ROI.

Explore your specific use case and discover what Hercules can do for you.