October 4, 2023

Is there a place for CPUs in the GenAI world? 

"We're so short on GPUs that the fewer people who use the tool, the better," said Sam Altman. This raises a vital question: Are we overlooking the potential of central processing units (CPUs) in generative AI?
September 25, 2023

Lack of cross-jurisdiction billing costing millions

ZERO Systems uses generative AI to enable cross-jurisdiction billing at global law firms. Allen & Overy, a leading global law firm, has announced that it is going to be deploying this solution at scale.
August 2, 2023

Intel and ZERO Systems develop an innovative solution to address GenAI compute demand 

An innovative solution developed by ZERO Systems and Intel addresses the shortage of GPUs and their high costs, to drive adoption of generative AI at scale.
June 12, 2023

Enterprise-grade generative AI is no longer an illusion 

IBM recently identified three key challenges that prevent enterprises from adopting AI. ZERO Systems offers AI applications that overcome these.