AI-driven efficiency and adaptability

Whether it's cross-referencing financial records, reconciling inventory lists, or aligning customer information, the AI excels in identifying discrepancies between different data sets. Upon detecting a mismatch, it not only highlights the inconsistency but also suggests actionable solutions for rectification. This adaptable technology can be seamlessly integrated into various operational processes, ensuring accuracy, enhancing efficiency, and reducing the potential for human error. It's an ideal tool for businesses seeking a flexible, reliable solution for maintaining process and efficiency. 

Broad applicability across various business scenarios

  • Invoice Verification: Ensuring invoices are fully compliant with billing terms as outlined in contracts.
  • Data Compliance and Security: Enforcing security rules for data compliance, including the identification of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and adherence to data retention guidelines.
  • Financial Data Reconciliation: Verifying financial data to ensure compliance with 'Know Your Client' (KYC) policies for financial institutions.
  • Pre-bill Verification: Aligning pre-billing processes with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) in legal industry

Case study

Learn how Hercules helps to automate the process of policy verification for one of the largest insurance brokers.

In the insurance sector, the task of verifying that the policy issued by the carrier aligns with the binder is crucial yet labor-intensive. This process involves the manual comparison of extensive documents, such as new and existing policies and carrier-issued binders, which come in diverse formats and can be as lengthy as 600 pages.

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Enhanced security for sensitive data

With an increasing emphasis on data security, AI Solution assures that sensitive information remains within the security perimeter, making it an ideal choice for organizations that prioritize data privacy and compliance.

Flexibility to address variety of processes

AI Solution is designed to detect discrepancies between different data sets or documents and to suggest corrective actions. It is perfect for various business processes, ensuring data accuracy and reducing errors

Key Features

Automatic business logic extraction 

This feature ingests, summarizes policies and enforcement processes, and extracts the business logic of documents. Regular updates align policy enforcement with the latest requirements and best practices.

Noncompliance flags and recommendations 

Beyond flagging noncompliance issues, the solution offers actionable recommendations for rectification, maintaining continuous compliance and operational integrity.

AI-generated rule/policy violation detection 

Replacing manual tasks with AI logic, this feature efficiently detects rule violations, reducing staff workload and enhancing policy application accuracy.

Real-time organizational snapshot with alerts 

Provides an up-to-the-minute overview of your organization's compliance status, with alerts for immediate issue resolution, thus ensuring high compliance standards.

Hercules: make the impossible possible

Hercules' architecture enables the fast creation of AI applications, utilizing over 200 modules, components, and AI models. This “assembly line” approach allows for the design, construction, and operation of AI solutions securely within the client's security perimeter, effectively addressing the most complex, multi-step business workflows.

Use Cases

Hercules is a platform designed to assist enterprises in discovering, building, and running AI solutions that fix the most complex business workflows.

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