Applications: Invoice Compliance, Contract Creation, Expense Reporting, Benefits Management, Security Policy Compliance



Policy enforcement is a challenge that enterprises deal with on a regular basis. Manual enforcement processes waste time and are prone to human error.

We offer an enterprise-grade, artificial intelligence (AI) powered policy enforcement solution. The solution is easy to deploy and works for all types of use cases such as invoicing, contract creation, expense reporting, and benefits management.

Using our solution can save you thousands of hours in administrative time and eradicate unnecessary risk through a proactive enforcement strategy.

Key Features

  • Automation via LLM to ingest, extract and summarize your policies and enforcement processes such as outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) with regular updates
  • Replacement of all manual enforcement tasks with AI-generated rule violation detection and enforcement logic
  • Flag noncompliance and suggest recommendations on how to fix the errors
  • Real-time snapshot of your organization across the board with alerts so issues can be addressed instantly 

Demo Video

Watch this short demo video and speak with one of our experts to see how you can leverage the power of generative AI to transform your business processes.