AI-powered billing compliance

Verify makes the billing process effortless with AI, ensuring OCG compliance while reducing the time to review pre-bills. Partners trust that the LLMs have done the hard work of reviewing all OCG billing rules, internal firm guidelines, and historical payment data to ensure every line item on the invoice will get paid by the client.


  1. Recover revenue by improving realization rates
  2. Up to 50% of deductions detected with AI
  3. At least 2x faster pre-bill review time

Enhanced security for sensitive financial data

With an increasing emphasis on data security, Verify ensures that sensitive information remains within the security perimeter, making it an ideal choice for organizations that prioritize data privacy and compliance.

Flexibility to intervene at any point in the billing process

Bring AI-powered compliance to any touchpoint in the billing process—at time capture, after time submission, and during pre-bill review—empowering every timekeeper to revise time entries prior to review by billing attorneys.

Key Features

Local, secure, and cost-effective AI

Models extract and enforce billing rules from OCGs and internal guidelines with data never leaving the firm's security perimeter.

AI learns from historical eBilling data

Assembly of LLMs are trained on firm data to corroborate OCG rules and are fine-tuned, specifically, for each firm.

Adaptive and continuous learning

AI explains potential compliance issues and offers a fix with 1-click, improving over time with user input.

Seamless integration

End-to-end workflow support with finance system integration (Elite 3E, Aderant Export) with an advanced pre-bill editor that ingests submitted time and proformas.

Hercules: make the impossible possible

Hercules' architecture enables the fast creation of AI applications, utilizing over 200 modules, components, and AI models. This “assembly line” approach allows for the design, construction, and operation of AI solutions securely within the client's security perimeter, effectively addressing the most complex, multi-step business workflows.

Use Cases

Hercules is a platform designed to assist enterprises in discovering, building, and running AI solutions that fix the most complex business workflows.

Talk to us about your specific use case or just discover what AI can do for you

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