Compliance automation: Your AI-powered solution

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, the sheer volume of emails and documents generated daily poses a significant challenge, particularly in regulated industries. The risk associated with misplaced documents can lead to compliance issues, and reputational damage. Moreover, the misclassification of emails increases the likelihood of confidential information reaching the wrong recipient, amplifying risk.

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Compliance Automation is an AI-driven tool specifically designed to ensure the accurate classification and systematic filing of emails and documents into systems of record.


  • Hyper-Accurate Predictive Filing: Enhances email and document discovery, ensuring better-than-human accuracy.

  • Intelligent Labeling: Automatically identifies client details, matter, author, and document types for every email.

  • Simultaneous Filing and Archiving: Capable of filing and archiving emails and documents to different destinations.

Case study

Discover how Activity & Time Capture is transforming legal timekeeping for Snell & Wilmer

Explore how Compliance Automation has helped to transformed billing in global law firms with its AI solution with proper matter & client labeling for emails and documents.

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Data privacy and security


Compliance Automation resides inside client’s DMZ and assures that sensitive information remains within the security perimeter, making it an ideal choice for organizations that prioritize data privacy and compliance.

Enhanced compatibility and applicability to existing systems of record


Seamlessly integrates with standard desktop email systems like Outlook and leading Document Management Systems (DMS) like iManage, NetDocuments, and OpenText.

Key Features

Efficient AI technology


Replaces manual filing tasks, significantly increasing productivity

Advanced administration features


Simplifies deployment and management with advanced admin configurations

Intelligent Outlook integration

Offers move-to-folder assistance with advanced predictions

Mobile filing capabilities

Enables on-the-go filing from mobile devices and one-click batch filing of multiple emails.

Wrong recipient detection

Minimizes the risk of sending emails to unintended recipients.

Your partner in compliance and efficiency


Compliance Automation is more than just a tool; it's a strategic partner for firms in regulated industries, ensuring data is accurately labeled, classified, and stored. By automating these critical processes, your firm not only adheres to compliance standards but also empowers its workforce to focus on more meaningful, high-value tasks.

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