We offer high-precision AI applications for the business of law.

Unlock new levels of efficiency and cost savings with our cutting edge AI applications. Designed to automate repetitive tasks at law firms, our solutions drive innovation while delivering unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Lawyer Offboarding
& Filing Compliance

This AI application automatically files email messages and critical data into the document management system (DMS). It can be used during lawyer offboarding, after departure, or even during the regular course of business.

Key Features

  • High Accuracy: Typically, up to 75% of emails can be filed automatically without requiring manual review.
  • Intelligent Extraction: Useful information such as client, matter, author, and document type is identified during filing.
  • Frictionless Deployment: Automation layer integrates with and sits on top of your existing DMS, e.g., iManage, NetDocuments, and OpenText.

OCG Compliance
& Pre-bill Review

Our AI application automates compliance with outside counsel guidelines (OCG) and reduces time spent on pre-bill review by up to 50%. This enables law firms to maximize realization rates, invoice faster, and reduce lengthy appeals on invoice violations.

Key Features

  • Automated Policy Interpretation: Reads and extracts guideline items or rules from policy documents.
  • Non-compliance Identification: Flags non-compliance and suggests recommendations on how to fix the errors.
  • Real-time Snapshot: Provides a snapshot across the organization and sends risk alerts for seamless problem solving.

Time Capture

Running on top of the existing time entry system, this AI application automatically captures and categorizes every moment of billable time. As a result, law firms realize more revenue, significantly improve billing compliance, and improve job satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Seamless Experience: Provides a seamless timekeeping experience via desktop and mobile devices.
  • Assistive Activity Reconstruction: AI-generated billing narratives, activity reconstruction, and client / matter identification.
  • Complete Control: Tailor-made for contemporaneous, reconstructive, and blended timekeeper flows.

Trusted by the world's leading companies

With 8,000 AI instances deployed, our customers include Fortune 500 corporations and industry leaders.

Powered by industry-leading technology

ZERO System’s offerings are powered by Hercules, our proprietary Generative AI engine. We can get you up and running in under 8 weeks, while ensuring all your compliance and security requirements.

Why choose ZERO

  • Data Privacy: All processes run within your security perimeter. Your data never leaves your environment.
  • Cost Efficiency: Your existing infrastructure is utilized to keep ownership costs low and ROI high.
  • High Quality AI: Our multi-layered approach eliminates AI hallucinations, delivering precise and reliable outcomes.