”By automating invoice compliance, Hercules AI delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability in invoicing. This enables you to unlock new levels of efficiency and cost savings.”

Mariam Hambarchyan, Head of Product


Extraction of contract business logic for billing data reconciliation

This contingent workforce management company wanted to achieve better compliance of invoices with contract terms and streamline the invoice review process. By transforming this critical financial operations process using AI, they aimed to achieve significant cost savings and improve process efficiency.



For workforce management, ensuring invoices align with contract terms and fees is crucial. However, the complexity of contracts and manual enforcement makes proactive compliance challenging.

Reactive efforts, prone to errors, occur only before invoice issuance. These reactive processes often overlook fee violations, risking audit failures, invoice delays, and potential revenue loss or client attrition.


Hercules AI intelligently extracts contract details, identifies potential violations, and learns from analyst input, enabling efficient prioritization and AI-generated recommendations for fee corrections. This proactive approach not only improves client relations but also unveils problematic contract clauses, prompting necessary amendments.

Unique features

  • AI-powered complex terms extraction with references to multiple contracts such as MSA, SOWs, annexes, and amendments.
  • Fee violation detection such as markups, managed service provider (MSP) fees, and overtime/double time modifiers.
  • Automatic flagging of fee noncompliance in invoices and suggestion of recommendations on how to fix errors per contract terms.


Since deploying Hercules AI, the customer has been able to conduct invoice verification against contract terms and fees for all their invoices. Any potential invoicing errors are detected quickly and can be fixed automatically. The speed of invoice processing has also seen a substantial increase.

The customer has achieved substantial operational cost savings by reallocating staff from repetitive tasks to more strategic roles.


Proactive invoice verification


Faster detection & fixing of invoice errors


Faster than manual processing

Trusted by leading companies

Why Hercules AI?

Recognizing its challenges, the contingent workforce management company was looking for a solution that would substantially improve invoice compliance and reduce cost. They found all this and more with Hercules AI.

  • Security: Hercules AI works completely inside the customer’s security perimeter and follows their privacy policies. Sensitive data or models are never sent outside.
  • Use-case scalability: With a template-agnostic approach to policy enforcement, Hercules AI ensures that new policy documents never require retraining of the AI.
  • Cost of ownership: Hercules AI uses central processing units (CPU) for inferencing, which allows for efficient scaling as demand increases. This design also helps keep ownership costs low and ensures a higher return on investment (ROI).