Applications: Merger & Acquisitions, Insurance, Legal



Enterprises need to ensure that their data is compliant with all the security, privacy, and regulatory requirements. It also needs to be stored, transmitted, and accessed in a secure manner. This prevents loss, theft, misuse, or compromise of critical data and sensitive customer information. Searching for specific data in documents is time consuming, and error-prone.

With our Data Room application, we transform the way you engage with your documents and information. Our AI solution ensures that all your data is labeled with the appropriate metadata, stored, accessed, and managed based on your company’s security policies and associated regulations.

The AI application allows you to quickly obtain the information you need without sifting through extensive document files. Just pose a question and receive an answer in seconds.

Key Features

  • LLM automation ingests all your documents and information seamlessly.
  • AI-powered technology removes the need for manual search efforts.
  • Queries and data are retrieved in real-time.
  • AI provides replies with a direct reference link to the specific data point within the document.

Demo Video

Watch this short demo video and speak with one of our experts to see how you can leverage the power of generative AI to transform your business processes.