Most powerful and scalable
AI-powered data processing
for Wealth Management

Using our solution, a leading global wealth management company has eliminated manual processing of over 100,000 PE notices a year - resulting in dramatic improvements in processing speed and cost.

Here are some more details:


  Manual Process (current) AI-powered Data Extraction (ZERO)
Speed PE notices could take
up to a month to process
PE notices automatically
processed in minutes
Accuracy 20 to 40% error rate <5% error rate
Cost Savings Baseline 90% reduction
in processing costs
Scalability Dependent on availability
of specialized staff
Infinitely scalable


With ZERO, you can automate the tedious job of processing vast quantities of unstructured documents. Our AI-powered solution intelligently pulls the information you need, applies business logic, and routes it to the right place.

It is template-neutral and mimics human decision-making based on your rules and guidelines. It takes just a few weeks to deploy and the business impact is immediately obvious.

Trusted by the world's leading companies

With 8,000 AI instances deployed, our customers include Fortune 500 corporations and industry leaders.

Powered by industry-leading technology

This solution is powered by Hercules, our proprietary Generative AI engine considered to be one of the most advanced in the industry. We can deploy in under 8 weeks, while ensuring all your compliance and security requirements.

Key Features

  • Secure: Our AI application works completely inside the enterprise security perimeter and follows your privacy policies. Sensitive data or models are never sent outside.
  • High Quality AI: Our multi-layered approach eliminates AI hallucinations, delivering precise and reliable outcomes.
  • Easy to Deploy: Our end-to-end solution is easy to deploy and runs on top of your existing systems. This enables faster return on investment from the first day.
  • Cost Efficient: Your existing infrastructure is utilized to keep ownership costs low and ROI high.


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