AI-powered Document Processing

This is an intelligent document processing and entity extraction solution that can result in over 100x increase in employee productivity.

Application areas include private equity (PE) notices processing, invoice processing, accounting & audit documents analysis, and support for other business processes.


Private equity (PE) funds, insurance companies, accounting firms, and other data-heavy enterprises process thousands of documents every day to extract valuable data, apply business logic, and transfer results to third-party systems. This process is highly manual and slow, resulting in wastage of valuable time as well as resources.


ZERO Systems offers an AI-powered document processing solution that can completely automate these manual functions, resulting in over 100x improvement in employee productivity. Our solution leverages large language models (LLM) to accurately and efficiently extract relevant data from a variety of sources, including emails and documents.

As a result, the time and manual effort required to process and analyze large volumes of information is dramatically reduced. Using our generative AI technology, enterprises can make faster and more informed decisions. Our solution also helps reduce errors and increase accuracy, ensuring that the information being analyzed is reliable and trustworthy.

Furthermore, our end-to-end generative AI applications can be deployed and start generating real business impact in just a few weeks.